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Address : H.NO. 440 Power House Road, Nizamuddinpura
Mau Nath Bhanjan, Pin 275101 (U.P)
Contact No: 9415274980, 9415250431
Chief Trustee Managing Director
Nand Lal Vishwakarma Sunita Vishwakarma

About Association :-


About Institute :-


SUNALV Institute offering a wide range of courses meant for Graduates, Under Graduates, School Children, Working personal and computer professionals with scientifically designed curricular and examination systems, modules for easy flexibility, extra hours on computers and lot of support systems like libraries, counseling and placement in jobs. We look those who joining now with even greater expectancy.

Courses :-


Computer & Information Technology


1. Computer Basic, M.S. Office, Internet, E-mail.

2. Computer Hardware.

3. Computer Networking.

4. Tally Accounting.

5. D.T.P.

6. Web Designing

7. Banking Accounting.


Electrical Sector


1. Electrical Basic Repairing.

2. Repairing of home employes.

3. Armature Binding.

4. House Wiring.


Electronic Sector


1. Electronic Basic Repairing.

2. Repairing and Maintenance of Elect. Test Equippment.

3. Installation and Maintenance of Cellphone Towers.

Stipends & Discounts


1. Stipends are given to brilliant students, poor students/SC/ST/OBC Students.

2. Discounts for female students.

3. On one time fee deposit 10% discount on general Diploma, P.G. courses.

Special Featuresll


1. Female teachers for female students.

2. We decorated libraries.

3. Latest Practical materials given without any charge.

4. Apprenticeship for students.

5. All training are job oriented.

6. Job placement facility.

Class Timing

Period Batch Duration
7-9 Morning 1st 2 Hrs
9-11 2nd 2 Hrs
11-1 3rd 2 Hrs
1-3 4th 2 Hrs
3-5 5th 2 Hrs
5-7 Evening 6th 2 Hrs

Apprenticeship Training Scheme


1. Banking Projects.

2. Accounting Works.

3. Payroll Systems.

4. Billing tickets & Reservation.

5. Computerization of Election (Electro Role)

6. Designing works & Publishing Works.

7. Blocks Works.

8. Balancing works.

9. Railway Tickets & Reseration.

10. Marketing Management.

Sunalv Educational academy -Courses


1. Banking/Railway/S.S.C./U.P.P. (Duration 6th Months)

2. B.Ed/T.E.T./C.T.E.T (Duration 6th Months)

3. English Speaking. (Duration 6th Months)

4. Navodaya Entrance Exam Preparation. (Duration 6th Months)

5. All Entrance preparation.



  High Qualified & Experienced Teacher from Allahabad, Lucknow and Patana.
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