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A sound educational system is the back bone of progressive society. The "Chitransh Bharat Memorial Educational Society" is dedicated to Late Bharat Lal Srivastava, Who had a great vision to educate this world and to produce promoters of social transformation endowed with the sptrit of service to mandkind.

C.B.M. School is the realization of dream of that visionary. The main of this society is to establish educational institution in different parts of Uttar Pradesh so as to for cover the maximum number of children, who miss proper education either be-cause no quality school in this area or because of their inebility to bear the expences.

The nex priority on the agenda of the society is to improve the quality of education.

Late Bharath Lal Srivastava  
C.B.M Memorial School
395, Munshipura,Maunath Bhanjan
Mob: 0547-2227196
School Hours
From April to Oct. 8:00 to 1:30
From Nov to March 8:30 to 2:00
Hostel Facilities
The hostel is located near the school campus. Its aim is to provide a congenial and homely atmosphere with healthy boarding and lodging facilities.
Our Salient Features
It is an instituion to provide modern education on the pattern of N.C.E.R.T.
Modernizd Class rooms.
The teaching staff is well qualified and experienced one.
To produce skillful and perfect citizen of tomarrow.
Free medical checkup.
Facilities of Computer Training.
A Well equipped and stocked library.
Facilities with in door and out door games and yoga's.
The managing body has its own a unique administration.
Opportunities for co-curricular activities.
School Uniform
For Boys
Summer Tea colour Shirts, Soft Pink Pant, White & Brown Shocks, Black & White Shoes, School Tie and Belt.
Winter Red Pullover with V-Shaped neck or Red Blazers.
For Girls
Summer Tea Colour Blouse, Soft Pink Skirts, White & Brown Socks, White Ribben, Black & White Shoes, School Tie and Belt.
Winter Red Pullover with V-Shaped neck or Red Blazers.
On Wednesday and Saturday Boys & Girls should wear white Shirts, Pants, Blouse, Skirts, Shoes & Stocks.
Classes Age Limit for Admission
  Nursary 3 1/2 Years
Nursary L.K.G 4 1/2 Years
L.K.G. U.K.G 5 1/2 Years
U.K.G. Class 1 6 1/2 Years
Class I
Birth Certificate from the Municipal Corporation or local authorities should be submitted at the time of admission.
General Information
1- A student is allowed to take only 2 days leave per month and 22 days in academic year.
2- Less than 80% attendance can a cause for with holding the promotion.
3-Prizes/Cups with be given at the end of every session.
Parent Teacher Meeting:
1- The school will arrange at least three Parents Teachers Meeting in an academic Year Every Parents should be present with their wards on the scheduled day and time.
2-It is conducted for the over all development of the students and to check truancy.
Class II
Class III
Class IV
Class V
Class Room Class Room
Class Room Class Room
Class Room Class Room
Fair Day Examination Hall
Result Day Teacher's Day
Annual Function Day Out Door Game
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